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“Love Everybody” – CCTV Video Clip

This video shows  thousand ways to express love to the world, captured by CCTV. Who ever have made this video really done a pretty nice job! We are giving credit to the original author of the video.  Sierra CCTV is proud to be an instruments to spread this “Two simple words” and be part of this “Foundation for Hope” . Working in junction with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, its a non-profit platform that accepts donations from those who wish to be a part of what they do. 100% of all donations go to those in need. It’s cool right?! Although sierra cctv have not yet donated an act of kindness, however, we may say that our contributions is mainly to spread this kind of ideology and somehow you may do as well by sharing this piece of information through social media. As a company that supplies and install CCTV System, we just want to let  you know that all single moments no matter its good or bad, everything is being captured by CCTV camera, and you may even preserve those good moments, save it or share it, and eventually, will be loved by everybody!! 

Foundation of Hope

Love Everybody – The Story of Big Kenny’s famous two words.
“Love Everybody is my personal motto and our family crest!” – William “Big Kenny” Alphin
“Around the year 2000 I had a vision that my world would be expanding and I would be a voice in front of a lot of people. The dream was so vivid. Just two simple words that would be my motto. I knew I had to do what ever I could to spread the message as I traveled and toured around the world. I put “Love Everybody” on my guitars my jewelry and my cloths, stickers, patches, anywhere I could just to spread those two words.”
“I know every time I see the words and every time others see the words, it reminds us how simple it is to make things better everywhere. I dream it will be plastered on billboards from country roads to Time Square to cities and villages around the world. The message is the most powerful I know. “
“I tell people Bono says ‘ONE’, Bob Marley says ‘One Love’, and this country boy says it as simply as he can: “Love Everybody!”
“I hope to leave this as my legacy for all to carry the banner forward.”
 “Highlight the good, inspire greatness & encourage mutual responsibility for the betterment of humankind.”