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Analogue Cameras vs IP Cameras

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If you’re thinking about installing a new video surveillance system, then you have to decide between an IP or analogue video format. This Article will make your decision easier.
Analogue Cameras:


– Cheaper cameras – cost effective solution
– Uses less hard-drive space which results in many months of footage
– Can be connected to existing camera systems and all brands work with each other
– Analogue systems are very stable and need no maintenance
– Analogue cameras don’t depend on your network and will still work when the network is down
– Approved technology that works better with motion and difficult light situations
– Big variety of models such as big outdoor bullets or small hidden cameras and many more
– Analogue system can also be viewed over the internet and mobile phones


– IP cameras have a much higher resolution then analogue cameras
– Usually more cable is used – But this does provide better stability
IP Cameras:


– Very high resolution – so you can zoom in without quality loss
– The existing home/company network can be used, which saves long cables
– Good wireless functions through WiFi network without interference
– Thanks to higher resolutions, faces and number plates can easily be identified
– Very far distances can easily be reached with wireless senders and receivers
– IP cameras can be configured through the network


– IP cameras are in general higher-priced
– High resolutions require allot of bandwidth which can sometimes slow down your network speed
– Usually one camera brand can’t work with another + NVR licenses are required
– High resolution internet viewing is slow in some areas with standard internet connections.
– High technical skills are required in order to configure and maintain IP camera systems
– More hard-drive space is required
– IP cameras can’t work when your network stops working


IP cameras have a higher resolution then analogue cameras but are higher-priced.

However, Sierra CCTV sells the newest technology for fair and competitive prices!
This means that we offer great resolutions (800 to 1200 TVL) on analogue cameras and very good prices on IP cameras.

If you still don’t know which system is the best for you, simply contact us and we will find out!